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New Year's Eve

Aucition has ended

The first ether New Year’s Eve celebration has already started. The NFTs for the cyber party are sold out.

A 2-day New Year’s Party takes place
in Krakow (AC Hotel by Marriot) Dec 31 – Jan 2

The party starts in:


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    We make the digital world meet the physical world

    Every year, people struggle to come up with a unique way to jump into the New Year. Well, not this year! We are organizing the first NFT New Year’s Eve celebration in Europe. The auction took place on OpenSea and all the tickets are sold out.

    The hotel revolution has started

    Collect the Token

    Be the first to get a hold of the future of the hotel blockchain revolution and receive future updates and pre-sale offers for future projects.

    Personalize the Experience

    We will make sure that your final evening in 2021 will be an unforgettable experience. You will enjoy a luxury hotel and a wide number of perks to ensure that all your needs are taken care of.

    Secure Your Memories

    All your memories will be stored securely on the blockchain. Not only will you be able to access it at any time, but you’ll also be able to trade it with others.

    DeHO takes hotel
    revolution to a new level

    The party is delivered to you by DeHO, a part of the Supernova Group and managed by Maciej Zientara. Since 2007, Supernova has been working in the luxury real estate sector in Poland, Croatia, Cyprus, and the United States. In 2020, we started connecting the future of the digital blockchain world with the traditional real estate world. We have partnered with the most influential businesses in real estate and blockchain.


    The Supernova Group has been operating on the market for over 13 years


    The Supernova Group has completed over 30 projects


    The Supernova Group has built over ninety thousand square meters of residential space

    Group 4974

    Assets under management exceed 200 million Euros


    Currently, The Supernova Group is building over sixty thousand square meters of saleable area


    Currently, The Supernova Group is engaged in over 10 projects


    The Supernova Group invests also in projects outside of Poland, namely Croatia, Cyprus, and the USA (Florida)


    1 000 beds
    10 hotels

    DeHO is a decentralized product and transaction platform as well as a marketplace. DeHO utilizes a unique RVR platform concept. The idea of RVR separates ownership and utility laws and, at the same time, maintains the benefits of each. DeHO will be releasing its first features to the world in Q1 of 2022, following with more revelations of cutting-edge functionalities that will revolutionize the financial world with blockchain technology each subsequent quarter of 2022.

    Totally new level of experience

    Luxury Room

    A stay in the large and prestigious room with crypto perks

    Open Bar

    Modern and cozy decoration in our fancy bar and restaurant with a large variety of food and drinks

    A SPA for YOU

    Our guests have unlimited access to a brand new space with a swimming pool, leisure area, saunas, and a gym.

    More Surprises

    As an extra bonus, we offer our guests a city tour around Krakow in a luxury car for free!

    Important Information
    About the Auction

    The auction will be conducted on OpenSea as an “English Auction” which means the highest bid wins.

    How Bids Work

    Bids must be at least 5% higher than the previous bid. Only bids in the same payment token (ETH) will be accepted and result in a winning bid.

    If someone bids in the last 10 minutes of an auction, and if their bid exceeds all others, the auction will automatically extend by 10 minutes. Canceling the top bid also triggers an extension. In this manner, extensions can theoretically continue for up to a week.

    Reserve Price

    Don’t worry, if the minimum price is not met, we will grant the token to the highest bid manually.

    More comprehensive information can be found here:

    What happens if your bid does not win the auction?

    Nothing – your money never leaves your wallet.

    How to Participate

    To participate, you have to have a cryptocurrency wallet active and know how to use it. If you are not familiar with this, ask someone for help. Here is detailed instruction on how to connect your wallet to OpenSea.

    1. Create a Metamask wallet on MetaMask, then go directly to
    2. Connect your MetaMask Wallet to OpenSea by clicking on the fox icon 🦊. It is not necessary to create an account because websites3 (blockchain) will use your wallet as an account.
    3. Go to the auction and click on the blue button “Bid“.
    4. If you see “Add Funds”, it means that Open Sea is allowing you to buy cryptocurrencies directly from the website via MoonPay with a debit or credit card. The process has several steps and will take some time. From there, you can buy all the ETH you need to make the offer you want.
    5. If you do not see the Add Funds button, you are probably in a country for which MoonPay does not allow the purchase.
      If this happens, you can get cryptocurrencies on BINANCE or COINBASE, but note that in both cases the process is not immediate due to checks carried out by the bank.

    6. When you have the funds in your wallet, click on Place Bid.
    7. Sign the transaction – it won’t cost you anything.
    8. Great! You have made the bid, and now you just have to wait for the auction to end and see if you have won!

    Requirements for Joining the Auction

    Each entity that takes part in the auction automatically agrees with the Terms and Conditions which can be found here: Link

    Memories that
    Can't Be Stolen

    This night will be remembered forever! You can change many things in life but you can’t change the blockchain. Your token will be an unending proof of what you will have experienced with DeHo and evidence of how you were a part of creating the future.


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    Terms and Conditions

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